GLOBIS-B workshop on species interactions


In a workshop on 26-28 February 2018, top academic researchers, informatics experts from research infrastructures, and legal and policy experts convened in Bari, Italy, to assess the operationalization of the GEO BON - EBV framework for academic and policy use. This was the 4th workshop organized by GLOBIS-B, a European-funded Horizon 2020 project aiming to support the coordination among biodiversity research infrastructures. A specific focus was on computational workflows to produce EBVs on species interactions. Workshop results covered issues related to concepts, standards, computational implications, and legal considerations related to EBV products and the related data and software. These issues were explored by discussing plant-pollinator, predator-prey, and microbial interactions. The results will be published in a scientific journal article and several workshop participants expressed their willingness to continue contributing to the GEO BON plans, as for example in an expert group on species interactions EBVs. See also the news item on the IBED homepage.