BSc theses

Below is a list of recent BSc thesis projects in which BIOMAC members have been the main supervisor. If you are interested, please check the research interests of the BIOMAC members or our research projects and research themes webpages. Please also make sure to read the information about opportunities before getting in contact with us.


BSc theses in 2017:

  • Thomas Budie (2017): Pleistocene sea-level rise in the Philippine archipelago: analysis of biogeographic impacts. Supervisor: Kenneth Rijsdijk.

  • Floris Veloo (2017): A new method to analyze seafloor geodiversity around the Hawaiian and Canarian archipelagos and the New Zealand subduction zone. Supervisor: Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Ranes Rioza (2017): Modeling the effects of sea level rise and anthropogenic activities on landscape connectivity in the Philippines. Supervisor: Kenneth Rijsdijk.

  • Jorinde Guldenaar (2017): A new method to calculate the geodiversity index of volcanic hotspot islands: The Hawaiian archipelago. Supervisor: Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Jeroen Gerdes (2017): Paleogeographic reconstruction of Cenozoic inter-island connectivity of the Philippine archipelago. Supervisor: Kenneth Rijsdijk.

  • Amber Mulder (2017): The influence of terrestrial erosion on Acropora palmata occurrence on Saba, Dutch Caribbean. Supervisors: Kenneth Rijsdijk, Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Roos van Wees (2017): Towards objective evaluation of UNESCO Global Geoparks using a Geodiversity Index, in Fiordland national Park, New Zealand. Supervisor: Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Mirte Steenkamp (2017): The effects of human activity on ecosystem structure in Amazonia. Supervisor: Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Alex Nap (2017): A reconstruction of the effects of Post-Glacial Rebound on the lake system dynamics in the Baltic Basin since the Last Glacial Maximum to explain the high biodiversity anomaly. Supervisor: Kenneth Rijsdijk.

  • Josephine Schuurman (2017): Quantifying present human influence in the Amazon rainforest: a comparison of object-based land-use land-cover classification with vegetation indices and a digital elevation model. Supervisor: Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Sanne Juch (2017): The influence of palaeogeographic dynamics on dispersal patterns and body size evolution of insular mammals in the Mediterranean region and Crete. Supervisor: Kenneth Rijsdijk.

  • Frank Hopman (2017): Bird community body size, forest fragmentation and biodiversity. Supervisor: W. Daniel Kissling.

  • Jorin Veen (2017): The geographical distribution of Afrotropical trichromatic primates is explained by the colour of fig (Ficus) and palm (Arecaceae) fruits. Supervisor: Renske Onstein, W. Daniel Kissling.

  • Rosa Boone (2017): Validating the reconstructed former flow of the paleo drainage system in the vicinity of the present Hammerfliess in the Central Baruth Ice-Marginal Valley, Germany. Supervisor: Thijs de Boer.

  • Khymo Moestadja (2017): Physical geographical research on the natural and/or anthropogenic genesis of circular depressions southeast of Horstwalde, in the Baruth Ice-Marginal valley, Brandenburg, Germany. Supervisor: Thijs de Boer.

  • Romee Prijden (2017): The LiDAR-based identification and field validation of geomorphologic structures in the Central Baruther Ice-marginal valley, Germany. Supervisor: Thijs de Boer.

  • Yosta Schuuring (2017): Mapping the genesis, geomorphological and anthropogenic history of the Lange Horstberge dune in the Central Baruth Ice-Marginal Valley, Germany, using LiDAR data, soil analysis and drone images. Supervisor: Thijs de Boer.

  • Toon van Holthe tot Echten (2017): Geomorphological research on the genesis of the Lange Horst Berge dunes in the Central Baruth Ice-Marginal Valley (Brandenburg, Germany) with the help of remote sensing and fieldwork observations. Supervisor: Thijs de Boer.


BSc theses in 2016:

  • Veerle Tuijnman (2016): Land use/ land cover changes in relation to bioclimatic belts on Tenerife. Supervisor: Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Simon Buijs (2016): A spatiotemporal model of the landscape dynamics of Terceira: impact of volcanic activity and sea level change on coastal communities. Supervisors: Kenneth Rijsdijk, Thijs de Boer.

  • Agnethe Postema (2016): Periglacial landscape change in Northern Alaska during the past 30 years. Supervisor: Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Michelle Schouten (2016): The influence of elevation and slope angle on periglacial landforms and processes in northern Canada. Supervisor: Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Daphne Vink (2016): Functional diversity of frugivorous primates within and across biogeographic regions. Supervisor: Renske Onstein, W. Daniel Kissling.

  • Jasper Steenvoorden (2016): Assessing the role of climate induced sea-level changes on the evolution of body size in insular mammals in the Mediterranean Sea since the late Pliocene. Supervisor: Kenneth Rijsdijk.

  • Florinde Vessies (2016): The evolution of fruit dispersal syndromes in custard apples (Annonaceae). Supervisor: Renske Onstein, W. Daniel Kissling.

  • Gerben IJntema (2016): Depletion of an island ecosystem: Possible disturbances in seed dispersal and pollination relevant traits in the Hawai'i archipelago. Supervisor: W. Daniel Kissling.

  • Inger Bij de Vaate (2016): The relation between glacial habitat factors and the present day distribution and migration of brent geese. Supervisor: Kenneth Rijsdijk.

  • Mike L. Martinius (2016): Habitat preferences of nest searching bumblebee queens: an observational approach. Supervisor: W. Daniel Kissling.

  • Peter Haacke (2016): Semi-automated mapping of geomorphological features in the Baruth Ice-Marginal Valley using LiDAR-data. Applying isolation, segmentation and automatisation to LiDAR-data via Object Based Image Analysis (OBIA). Supervisor: Thijs de Boer, Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Carlijn Snoek (2016): The morphogenetic history of a parabolic dune complex. Mapping the morphogenesis and relative dating of the parabolic dune complex of Horstwalde in the Central Baruth Ice-Marginal Valley, Germany, using LiDAR data. Supervisor: Thijs de Boer, Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Erik Roos Lindgreen (2016): Evaluating the environmental impact of Dutch payment systems using Life Cycle Assessment. Supervisor: Marc Davidson.