BIOMAC participants: Harry Seijmonsbergen and Kenneth Rijsdijk

Geodiversity is the variation of geological, geomorphological, soil and hydrological patterns and processes. We are interested in the fundamental interaction and the spatio-temporal dynamics (e.g. increase/decrease of geodiversity) of earth surface processes (e.g. erosion, mass wasting, karst) and the effect of human impact (e.g mining, conservation and rewilding) on geodiversity. We develop methods to quantify geodiversity (e.g. using indices or indicators) by combining multi-scale information derived from thematic maps (geomorphology, geology, soil) and elevation data (e.g. terrain roughness) or fieldwork. Our current work includes research in mountains (European Alps, Andes), volcanic islands (Pacific, Caribbean) and the Netherlands, e.g. in protected areas such as Texel, Oostvaardersplassen and the Goois Natuurreservaat.

We particularly focus on:

  • Developing a framework to harmonize and standardize geodiversity variables across scales.

  • Geodiversity dynamics of islands, using sea level change models and biogeographical island models

  • The effects of mining (terrestrial and submarine) on geodiversity and ecosystem functions related to the sustainable development goals

Alpine landscape hosting high geodiversity in the Austrian Alps of Vorarlberg (Photo: A.C. Seijmonsbergen)