BIOMAC participants: Harry Seijmonsbergen (PI), Kenneth Rijsdijk, W. Daniel Kissling and MSc students

Variation in geology, geomorphology, soils and hydrology over time and space constitutes the abiotic environment in which animals, plants and humans live. Within BIOMAC, we develop methods to quantify geodiversity by combining thematic information documented in geomorphological, geological and soil maps, and land surface parameters (LSPs), calculated from digital elevation models, such as openness, topographic roughness and slope angle at various resolutions. In particular, we seek to provide a framework for geodiversity variables that can be used in geodiversity change detection across scales. Our current work includes research in Mountains (Alps, Andes), volcanic island archipelagos, the Netherlands and other environments. This multi-disciplinary geodiversity research supports a wide variety of applications, ranging from landscape reconstructions, conservation, cultural heritage and policy support, and unravelling the long-term development of island systems and correlations with biodiversity.

Alpine landscape hosting high geodiversity in the Austrian Alps of Vorarlberg (Photo: A.C. Seijmonsbergen)

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