Our research includes projects that are built around collaborations within and across research groups at IBED, as well as research projects with international collaborators from different countries and disciplines. Most of our research projects are directly related to our research themes.

Current projects with funding include:

  • GLOBIS-B, a Horizon 2020 project to facilitate the collaboration of biodiversity research infrastructures through applying the concept of Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs). Supported by GEO BON and funded by the European Commission. BIOMAC participants: Daniel Kissling (PI)

  • eEcoLiDAR, an Accelerating Scientific Discovery (ASDI) project for developing an eScience infrastructure for ecological applications of LiDAR point clouds. Related to research theme LiDAR. Funded by the Netherlands eScience Center. BIOMAC participants: Daniel Kissling (PI), Harry Seijmonsbergen (Co-PI), Zsófia Koma (PhD student) and several MSc students

  • Frugivory & palm diversification, a postdoc project to investigate how fruit-eating animals have influenced the macroevolution of palms. Related to research theme macroecology and macroevolution. Funded by the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO). BIOMAC participants: Daniel Kissling (PI), Renske Onstein (Postdoc)

  • Quantitative Biodiversity Science, several projects to quantify the distribution of life on Earth and how drivers of biodiversity change affect ecosystems and their services to humanity. Related to research themes macroecology, biotic interactions and global change. Funded by a starting grant from the University of Amsterdam (UvA). BIOMAC participants: Daniel Kissling (PI) and several MSc students

  • Global Ecology, a project to conduct research on global biodiversity patterns and ecosystem functioning, human impacts on biodiversity, biogeography of species interactions, and global changes in ecosystems, biodiversity and ecosystem services. Funding support from the University of Amsterdam Faculty Research Cluster ‘Global Ecology’. BIOMAC participants: Daniel Kissling (PI) and a Postdoc (open vacancy)