MSc theses

Below is a list of recent MSc thesis projects in which BIOMAC members have been the main supervisor. If you are interested, please check the research interests of the BIOMAC members or our research projects and research themes. Please also make sure to read our opportunities webpage before getting in contact with us.


MSc theses in 2017:

  • David Batlle Vasquez (2017): Bathymetric profiling using a yellow wavelength and time-of-flight approach based on Single-Photon counting. Supervisor: Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Cyril Hammoud (2017): Late Quaternary sea level rise in the Aegean: Quantifying the geographical changes and assessing the biogeographical impact. Supervisor: Kenneth Rijsdijk.

  • Pieter Zitman (2017): Automated detection, delineation, and classification of gypsum dolines with OBIA and LiDAR. Supervisor: Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Gabriel Munoz (2017): Seed dispersal connectivity among palm swamp patches in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Supervisor: Renske Onstein & Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Samantha-Leigh Jamison (2017): Unlocking bird-tree relationships: exploring biogeographical patterns across southern Africa. Supervisor: W. Daniel Kissling.

  • Robion Vos (2017): Seeing the forest for the trees: Utilising LiDAR-derived tree metrics as an indicator for organic carbon stocks in the forest floor. Supervisor: Kenneth Rijsdijk.

  • Daphne Vink (2017): Environmental factors and palm fruit colour as drivers for trichromatic primate diversity across the world. Supervisor: Renske Onstein, W. Daniel Kissling.

  • Robin Koning (2017): Synergy of LiDAR and conventional remote sensing tools for paleoriver reconstruction in Brandenburg, Germany. Supervisor: Thijs de Boer, Kenneth Rijsdijk.

  • Chris van Diemen (2017): Moth plant dispersion modelling based on synoptic weather pattern dependent island connectivity. Supervisor: Kenneth Rijsdijk.

  • Maarten Bresjer (2017): Using LiDAR data to reconstruct the genesis of the Avanäs peninsula of Fårö, Sweden. Supervisor: Thijs de Boer, Harry Seijmonsbergen.


MSc theses in 2016:

  • Martijn Kamps (2016): Synergy of high resolution imagery and LiDAR to optimize LULCC detection. Supervisor: Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Maarten van Schie (2016): Rewilding, landscape history & soil carbon in the Oostvaardersplassen: On the management and measurement of natural processes in the Anthropocene. Supervisor: Kenneth Rijsdijk.

  • Henk Pieter Sterk (2016): Multi-level digital mapping protocol for shallow mass movements in Vorarlberg, Austria -  Advancements in synergy of HR orthophotos, LiDAR- and UAV-derived digital elevation models. Supervisor: Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Anna Schwarz (2016): Correlating biodiversity to fine scale geodiversity in the province of Vorarlberg, Austria. Supervisor: Harry Seijmonsbergen.

  • Christiaan de Leeuw (2016): Priority effects in community assembly: will the marine lake setting provide answers? Supervisor: W. Daniel Kissling.

  • Julia Heinen (2016): Extinction-driven changes in insular frugivore communities. Supervisor: W. Daniel Kissling.

  • Gabriel Muñoz (2016): Palm seed dispersal networks in Afrotropics and Neotropics: analysis of structure and biogeographical differences. Supervisor: W. Daniel Kissling.