Biogeography & Macroecology

Studying geo-ecosystems and the distribution of life on Earth

Biogeography & Macroecology

The Biogeography & Macroecology (BIOMAC) lab is a research group at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Netherlands. We are part of the Department Theoretical and Computational Ecology (TCE) within the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED). The central aim of our work is to quantify how biodiversity and abiotic components of the Earth system vary across space and time, how they interact, and how responses of species and ecosystems to changing environmental conditions can be predicted and forecasted.

The group currently comprises research staff (associate and assistant professors), scientific developers, data scientists, and postdoctoral researchers. We work at the interface of ecology, Earth science, informatics and data science, and cover topics in biodiversity, geodiversity, conservation, physical geography, monitoring, policy and global biodiversity change. Please read more about our research and our teaching, have a look at our news page, or get in touch with our lab members.

Selected publications

  • Schleuning, M., Neuschulz, E.L., Albrecht, J., Bender, I.M.A., Bowler, D.E., Dehling, D.M., Fritz, S.A., Hof, C., Müller, T., Nowak, L., Sorensen, M.C., Böhning-Gaese, K. & Kissling, W.D. (2020): Trait-based assessments of climate-change impacts on interacting species. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 35: 319–328. [ABSTRACT]

  • Lim, J.Y., Svenning, J.-C., Göldel, B., Faurby, S. & Kissling, W.D. (2020). Frugivore-fruit size relationships between palms and mammals reveal past and future defaunation impacts. Nature Communications 11: 4904. [ABSTRACT] [PRESS RELEASE] [BLOG POST]

  • Skidmore, A.K., Coops, N.C., Neinavaz, E., Ali, A., Schaepman, M.E., Paganini, M., Kissling, W.D., Vihervaara, P., Darvishzadeh, R., Feilhauer, H., Fernandez, M., Fernandez, N., Gorelick, N., Geizendorffer, I., Heiden, U., Heurich, M., Hobern, D., Holzwarth, S., Muller-Karger, F.E., Van De Kerchove, R., Lausch, A., Leitão, P.J., Lock, M.C., Mücher, C.A., O'Connor, B., Rocchini, D., Roeoesli, C., Turner, W., Vis, J.K., Wang, T., Wegmann, M. & Wingate, V. (2021): Priority list of biodiversity metrics to observe from space. Nature Ecology and Evolution 5: 896–906. [ABSTRACT] [PRESS RELEASE]

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  • Zhao, Z., Koulouzis, S., Bianchi, R., Farshidi, S., Shi, Z., Xin, R., Wang, Y., Li, N., Shi, Y., Timmermans, J. & Kissling, W.D. (2022): Notebook-as-a-VRE (NaaVRE): from private notebooks to a collaborative cloud virtual research environment. Software: Practice and Experience (in press). [ABSTRACT]


Welcome to Ian McFadden


Ian McFadden has joined the BIOMAC lab to conduct his Postdoc project on exploring new realms of biodiversity.

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Vacancy Postdoc LiDAR remote sensing


We are looking for a Postdoc to work on LiDAR remote sensing for EU habitat condition mapping

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New paper in Science


Our paper maps the optimal areas for conserving terrestrial species and ecosystems across the world and estimates that 44% of Earth’s land area requires conservation to safeguard biodiversity.

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Functional susceptibility of tropical forests


Our new paper in Nature Ecology & Evolution shows that drier tropical forests are overall less functionally diverse than wetter forests, with implications for climate change.

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EuropaBON mid-term review meeting

Leipzig - Germany

Our EuropaBON project is half-way through and we are gathering for the mid-term review meeting at iDiv in Leipzig, Germany. A lot of work for designing the future EU-wide biodiversity observation network is still ahead!


Kick-off meeting MAMBO project

Aarhus - Denmark

We are starting a new Horizon Europe research and innovation action funded by the European Commission, entitled MAMBO (Modern approaches to the monitoring of biodiversity). MAMBO aims to realise the huge potential of cutting-edge technology for species and habitat monitoring in the EU by advancing and integrating sensor development, deep learning, computer vision, acoustics, ecology, remote sensing, biodiversity monitoring, citizen science, data pipelines and ecological modelling.



Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting

Lunteren - Netherlands

The Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting (NAEM 2022) will be held on Tuesday 20 & Wednesday 21 September in the Conference Centre "De Werelt" in Lunteren, The Netherlands. This conference is particularly geared towards people working in the field of ecology and/or evolution and aims to strengthen the network of ecologists in the Netherlands, Belgium, and surrounding countries.