High-throughput workflow for LiDAR processing


This new paper presents a workflow for processing massive amounts of LiDAR point clouds into geospatial data products of ecosystem structure.

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Likely extinction of hundreds of palms


Our new paper in Nature Ecology and Evolution estimates that more than half of all palm species may be at risk of extinction.

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New study on human impacts on the world’s raptors


Our new paper quantifies the impact of humans on the geographic distribution of raptors, i.e. on bird species that are important as predators in ecological food webs and for the delivery of ecosystem services such as pest control and disease regulation.

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Welcome to Ian McFadden


Ian McFadden has joined the BIOMAC lab to conduct his Postdoc project on exploring new realms of biodiversity.

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Functional susceptibility of tropical forests


Our new paper in Nature Ecology & Evolution shows that drier tropical forests are overall less functionally diverse than wetter forests, with implications for climate change.

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