Open science seminar


In this seminar, principles of open science will be introduced and discussed by Tom Hengl from the OpenGeoHub foundation / EnvirometriX Ltd.

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New synthesis of palm-frugivore interactions


A comprehensive collection of pairwise interactions between palms and their animal seed dispersers reveals that the Neotropics has a larger interaction diversity and more modular network structure than the Afrotropics.

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Ten principles to improve biodiversity informatics


There is a high need for up-to-date biodiversity data to efficiently measure global biodiversity change. In a new paper, we outline ten principles to improve cooperation and interoperability among research infrastructures to achieve this goal.

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New paper in Nature Geoscience


Our new paper in Nature Geoscience shows how the interplay between mountain building and climate generates high levels of biodiversity.

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New paper in Nature Ecology & Evolution


Our new paper in Nature Ecology & Evolution shows how intra-specific trait variability can inform international policies about global biodiversity change.

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