Unburned islands support wildlife


A new study shows that unburned islands within fire habitats can reduce the negative effects of fire on wildlife and therefore help species to survive in such ecosystems.

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Five recent MSc publications


Five of our recent MSc students have published their work in an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal.

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Climate change impacts on mountain biodiversity


Global warming will force many plant and animal species to shift upslope. We examined how this will change functional diversity and trait distributions of birds and plants along a tropical elevational gradient.

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Two new LiDAR papers


Two of our new papers show how high-resolution Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data can be used to better understand the distribution of species and their habitats.

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Long-distance dispersal of rainforest plants


This new paper shows how plant traits related to fruit eating by animals have influenced the intercontinental long‚Äźdistance dispersal and disjunct biogeographical distribution of rain forest plants.

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Editorial in Nature Ecology & Evolution


An editorial published in Nature Ecology & Evolution highlights our recent paper on developing Essential Biodiversity Variables on species traits.

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New synthesis of palm-frugivore interactions


A comprehensive collection of pairwise interactions between palms and their animal seed dispersers reveals that the Neotropics has a larger interaction diversity and more modular network structure than the Afrotropics.

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