Two vacancies for scientific developers (ecology or LiDAR remote sensing)


We have two open positions for scientific developers in ecology or LiDAR remote sensing (postdoc or researcher level, each 2 years with opportunities for extension).

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Trait evolution of tropical plants


The evolution of fruit colour, fruit size and spines in palms is associated, suggesting that animal species which consume both fruits and leaves (e.g. megafauna) are favouring the simultaneous evolution of fruit and defensive traits in tropical plants.

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18 million EUR for biodiversity infrastructure in the Netherlands


The Dutch Research Council (NWO) and four scientific institutes will invest together 18 million EUR for identifying and monitoring all multicellular flora and fauna in the Netherlands.

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Renewable energy developments threaten important biodiversity areas


Thousands of renewable energy plants have been built in National Parks, wilderness and Key Biodiversity Areas, and thus compromise the conservation of biodiversity.

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