Global mountain biodiversity


Our new study on the origins of global mountain plant biodiversity is published in the Journal of Biogeography.

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Welcome to Postdoc Caroline Dracxler


From October 2019 onwards, Caroline Dracxler has joint the BIOMAC group as a new Postdoc in the NWO-funded palm macroecology project.

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Global palm trait data now available


We have published a new, open-access data set covering essential functional traits for the >2500 palm species worldwide.

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Long-term ecosystem research infrastructures


A new paper highlights important research questions for long-term ecosystem monitoring.

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Geodiversity is essential


In this opinion article in PNAS, we highlight the need to better consider geodiversity within international policies and to develop a monitoring scheme for essential geodiversity variables (EGVs).

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Editor's choice in Diversity & Distributions


Our study on the impact of global warming on the functional diversity and trait distributions of birds and plants along a tropical elevational gradient has been highlighted as editor's choice.

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On the front cover of Ecology & Evolution


Our new study on the importance of unburned islands as refugia for the greater sage‐grouse has been highlighted on the front cover of the journal Ecology & Evolution.

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Five recent MSc publications


Five of our recent MSc students have published their work in an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal.

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Two new LiDAR papers


Two of our new papers show how high-resolution Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data can be used to better understand the distribution of species and their habitats.

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Long-distance dispersal of rainforest plants


This new paper shows how plant traits related to fruit eating by animals have influenced the intercontinental long‐distance dispersal and disjunct biogeographical distribution of rain forest plants.

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Editorial in Nature Ecology & Evolution


An editorial published in Nature Ecology & Evolution highlights our recent paper on developing Essential Biodiversity Variables on species traits.

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