Symposium biodiversity and global change


The symposium 'Biodiversity and global change in the Tropics' was held at the University of Amsterdam on 17th November 2017.

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Open 3yr Postdoc position in global ecology


We are happy to announce an open 3yr Postdoc position in global ecology within our BIOMAC lab.

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International Geomorphology Conference


Harry Seijmonsbergen presented on the International Conference on Geomorphology in New Dehli, India.

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Our Nature Ecology & Evolution paper is out!


Our new study in Nature Ecology & Evolution suggests that animal-mediated seed dispersal by frugivorous birds and mammals influences the speciation of palms.

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New publication on frugivore extinctions


Our new publication in Ecography documents a substantial loss of frugivores on oceanic islands worldwide.

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Workshop on geodiversity


A workshop on geodiversity was held at the University of Amsterdam, NL together with colleagues from the University of Nottingham, UK.

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EMODnet data products workshop


The European Marine Observation and Data Network held a workshop on key biological data products in London, UK.

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