Scientific publications

Below are our BIOMAC publications (since the lab start in 2017), incl. original research articles, reviews, books, book chapters, conference papers, commentaries, and perspectives. BIOMAC authors are highlighted in bold. Please see the website of each BIOMAC member for his/her individual publication output (especially before 2017).


In press  


McFadden, I.R., Fritz, S.A., Zimmermann, N.E., Pellissier, L., Kissling, W.D., Tobias, J.A., Schleuning, M. & Graham, C.H. (2021): Global plant-frugivore trait matching is shaped by climate and biogeographic history. Ecology Letters (in press).


Mittelman, P., Dracxler, C. M., Santos-Coutinho, P. R. O., & Pires, A. S. (2021): Sowing forests: a synthesis of seed dispersal and predation by agoutis and their influence on plant communities. Biological Reviews (in press). [ABSTRACT]


van der Geer, A.A.E., Claessens, L.P.A.M., Rijsdijk, K.F. & Lyras, G.A. (2021): The changing face of the dodo (Aves: Columbidae: Raphus cucullatus): iconography of the Walghvogel of Mauritius. Historical Biology (in press). [ABSTRACT]



Hammoud, C., Kougioumoutzis, K., Rijsdijk, K.F., Simaiakis, S. M., Norder, S.J., Foufopoulos, J., Georgopoulou, E. & Van Loon, E. E. (2021): Past connections with the mainland structure patterns of insular species richness in a continental-shelf archipelago (Aegean Sea, Greece). Ecology and Evolution 11: 5441–5458. [ABSTRACT]


Skidmore, A.K., Coops, N.C., Neinavaz, E., Ali, A., Schaepman, M.E., Paganini, M., Kissling, W.D., Vihervaara, P., Darvishzadeh, R., Feilhauer, H., Fernandez, M., Fernandez, N., Gorelick, N., Geizendorffer, I., Heiden, U., Heurich, M., Hobern, D., Holzwarth, S., Muller-Karger, F.E., Van De Kerchove, R., Lausch, A., Leitão, P.J., Lock, M.C., Mücher, C.A., O'Connor, B., Rocchini, D., Roeoesli, C., Turner, W., Vis, J.K., Wang, T., Wegmann, M. & Wingate, V. (2021): Priority list of biodiversity metrics to observe from space. Nature Ecology and Evolution 5: 896–906. [ABSTRACT] [PRESS RELEASE]


de Vries, J.P.R., Koma, Z., Wallis de Vries, M.F. & Kissling, W.D. (2021): Identifying fine-scale habitat preferences of threatened butterflies using airborne laser scanning. Diversity and Distributions 27: 1251–1264. [ABSTRACT] [DATA] [PRESS RELEASE] [NEWS]


Lim, J.Y., Wasserman, M.D., Veen, J., Despres-Einspenner, M.-L. & Kissling, W.D. (2021): Ecological and evolutionary significance of primates’ most consumed plant families. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288: 20210737. [ABSTRACT] [DATA] [PRESS RELEASE]


De Jong, M.G.G., Sterk, H.P., Shinneman, S. & Seijmonsbergen, A.C. (2021): Hierarchical geomorphological mapping in mountainous areas. Journal of Maps 17: 214-225. [ABSTRACT]


Koma, Z., Grootes, M.W., Meijer, C.W., Nattino, F., Seijmonsbergen, A.C., Sierdsema, H., Foppen, R. & Kissling, W.D. (2021): Niche separation of wetland birds revealed from airborne laser scanning. Ecography 44: 907–918. [ABSTRACT] [DATA] [PRESS RELEASE] [PRESS RELEASE]


Koma, Z., Zlinszky, A., Bekő, L., Burai, P., Seijmonsbergen, A.C. & Kissling, W.D. (2021): Quantifying 3D vegetation structure in wetlands using differently measured airborne laser scanning data. Ecological Indicators 127: 107752. [ABSTRACT] [CODE] [PRESS RELEASE]


Sales, L., Kissling, W.D., Galetti, M., Naimi, B. & Pires, M. (2021): Climate change reshapes the eco-evolutionary dynamics of a Neotropical seed dispersal system. Global Ecology and Biogeography 30: 1129–1138. [ABSTRACT]


Jamison-Daniels, S.-L., Kissling, W.D., Botha, M., Harris, M.A., Gordon, C.E. & Greve, M. (2021): The role of deterministic succession during forest development within a southern African savanna. Biotropica 53: 466–476. [ABSTRACT]


Koma, Z., Seijmonsbergen, A.C. & Kissling, W.D. (2021): Classifying wetland-related land cover types and habitats using fine-scale lidar metrics derived from country-wide Airborne Laser Scanning. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation 7: 80–96. [ABSTRACT] [DATA] [CODE]


Lenters, T.P., Henderson, A., Dracxler, C.M., Elias, G.A., Mogue Kamga, S., Couvreur, T.L.P. & Kissling, W.D. (2021): Integration and harmonization of trait data from plant individuals across heterogeneous sources. Ecological Informatics 62: 101206. [ABSTRACT] [CODE] [BOOKDOWN] [DATA] [YouTube]


Wen, W., Timmermans, J., Chen, Q. & van Bodemgom, P. (2021): A review of remote sensing challenges for food security with respect to salinity and drought threats. Remote Sensing 13: 6. [ABSTRACT]


Onstein, R.E., Vink, D.N., Veen, J., Barrat, C.D., Flantua, S.G.A., Wich, S.A. & Kissling, W.D. (2021): Understanding the relationship between fruit colour and primate vision requires multiple lines of evidence. A reply to Heymann & Fuzessy. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288: 20202981. [ABSTRACT]


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Flantua, S.G.A., Payne, D., Borregaard, M.K., Beierkuhnlein, C., Steinbauer, M.J., Dullinger, S., Essl, F., Irl, S.D.H., Kienle, D., Kreft, H., Lenzner, B., Norder, S.J., Rijsdijk, K.F., Rumpf, S.B., Weigelt, P. & Field, R. (2020): Snapshot isolation and isolation history challenge the analogy between mountains and islands used to understand endemism. Global Ecology and Biogeography 29: 1651–1673. [ABSTRACT]


Lindsey, P., Allan, J., Brehony, P., Dickman, A., Robson, A., Begg, C., Bhammar, H., Blanken, L., Breuer, T., Fitzgerald, K., Flyman, M., Gandiwa, P., Giva, N., Kaelo, D., Nampindo, S., Nyambe, N., Steiner, K., Parker, A., Roe, D., Thomson, P., Trimble, M., Caron, A. & Tyrrell, P. (2020): Conserving Africa’s wildlife and wildlands through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Nature Ecology & Evolution 4: 1300–1310. [ABSTRACT]


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Hauser, L.T., Binh, N.A., Hoa, P.V., Quan, N.H. & Timmermans, J. (2020): Gap-free monitoring of annual mangrove forest dynamics in Ca Mau Province, Vietnamese Mekong Delta, using the Landsat-7-8 archives and post-classification temporal optimization. Remote Sensing 12: 3729. [ABSTRACT]


Meyer, L., Kissling, W.D., Lohmann, L.G., Hortal, J. & Diniz-Filho, J.A.F. (2020): Deconstructing species richness–environment relationships in Neotropical lianas. Journal of Biogeography 47: 2168–2180. [ABSTRACT]


Lim, J.Y., Svenning, J.-C., Göldel, B., Faurby, S. & Kissling, W.D. (2020). Frugivore-fruit size relationships between palms and mammals reveal past and future defaunation impacts. Nature Communications 11: 4904. [ABSTRACT] [PRESS RELEASE] [BLOG POST] [DATA & CODE]


Rijsdijk, K.F., Buijs, S., Quartau, R., Aguilée, R., Norder, S.J., Ávila, S.P., de Medeiros, S.M.T., Nunes, J.C.C., Elias, R.B., Melo, C.S., Stocchi, P., Koene, E.F.M., Seijmonsbergen, A.C., de Boer, W.M. & Borges, P.A.V. (2020): Recent geospatial dynamics of Terceira (Azores, Portugal) and the theoretical implications for the biogeography of active volcanic islands. Frontiers of Biogeography 12(3): e45003. [ABSTRACT]


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Braczkowski, A., Gopalaswamy, A.M., Nsubuga, M., Allan, J., Biggs, D. & Maron, M. (2020): Detecting early warnings of pressure on an African lion (Panthera leo) population in the Queen Elizabeth Conservation Area, Uganda. Ecological Solutions and Evidence 1: e12015. [ABSTRACT]


Braczkowski, A., Gopalaswamy, A.M., Elliot, N.B., Possingham, H.P., Bezzina, A., Maron, M., Biggs, D. & Allan, J.R. (2020): Restoring Africa's lions: start with good counts. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8: 138. [ABSTRACT]


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