Please find below information about our research themes. Please also check our research projects.

  • Macroecology
    Deals with the distribution and spatiotemporal variation of life on Earth.
  • Macroevolution
    Explores the evolutionary history of species and their traits.
  • Island biogeography
    Investigates the spatial and temporal variation of the abiotic and biotic components of islands.
  • Biotic interactions
    Quantifies the structure, complexity and spatiotemporal variation of species interactions.
  • LiDAR
    Uses Light Detection and Ranging technology to gain insights into biodiversity, ecosystems and geomorphology.
  • Geodiversity
    Quantifies the diversity of geological (rocks, minerals, fossils), geomorphological (landforms, topography, physical processes), soil and hydrological features.
  • Geomorphology
    Investigates landforms from fine to broad spatio-temporal scales to understand the distribution of parent materials and the dynamics of surface processes such as landslides and flooding.
  • Global change
    Aims at understanding how natural and human-driven global change affects biodiversity.